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Booking Terms & Conditions


PAYMENT To register and confirm your place in “BlackStone Surf Camp”, you must make the payment of the deposit with your credit or debit card,paypal  or a bank transfer. The bank details for the transfer are included in the confirmation e-mail you will receive by email after completing and submitting the online form from our website. 

The reservation will only be valid when the requested amount has been transferred to our bank account and we will confirm with an e-mail the reserved place on the selected date and the included services. 

The rest of the payment at your arrival it will be in cash.

TERMS The registration of the personal data of each participant is mandatory. The minimum age of the participants is 16 years of age under parental consent (exceptions under prior consultation). Blackstone surf camp reserves the right to make changes, as long as the essential services offered are not altered due to unforeseen situations or those outside the company. The change in a reservation will only be effective upon availability, with a surcharge of € 20 and always confirmed by Blackstone surf camp. 

In case the price increases with respect to the previous reservation, the difference must be paid, in case it decreases, Blackstone agrees to pay the difference. Permission to use images taken during the participation in the lessons taught by Blackstone surf camp for promotional or advertising purposes of the company: website, brochures, flyers, catalogs, … It requires good physical condition, be able to swim and not have apparent physical problems for the realization of surfing or bodyboarding. Also, please inform us of any medical aspect to take into account: allergies, important medical history, etc. 

The transfer service to the south airport or bus station of playa de las americas will be carried out from 9:00 a.m. to 23:00 a.m., so we recommend that you let us know at the time of filling in the reservation form or as soon as possible to reserve a place. 

The client must be responsible for the care of the Blackstone surf camp material during its use, in case of loss or serious damage of the material due to the improper use of the same by the client, he will be responsible for replacing or paying for said material. Therefore, this material will be part of your belongings.

 Excursions or other outings organized by Blackstone Surf camp that appear in our advertising and that are not included will be reserved 24 hours in advance, subject to the availability of the collaborating company. Or of these reasons. 

CANCELLATIONS The cancellation will be valid the day of its reception. 

– No refunds are made under any circumstances of the confirmation deposit once the reservation is confirmed. It can only be postponed for future dates within the year that the reservation was made. – No refunds or discounts will be made once arrived at the surf camp and the payment has been made. 

– No refunds are made for not attending classes or activities, for reasons beyond Blackstone surf camp. 

– Surfing activities or classes are not divisible or cumulative and are performed on the same day. RESPONSIBILITIES Blackstone surf camp will not accept responsibilities or refunds in the following circumstances: 

– When the client is the culprit of the defect in the provision of the service. 

– When the defects in the provision of the service are attributable to a third party, outside Blackstone surf camp, and occur in an unforeseen manner. 

– When the defects in the provision of the service are due to reasons of force majeure or circumstances beyond the control of the company. They are abnormal and unpredictable events with inevitable consequences, for example, natural catastrophes or weather aspects.

 – When the defects in the provision of the service are due to an event that Blackstone surf camp, despite having put all the necessary diligence could not foresee or avoid. 

– When events occur outside of the surf camp, during trips to the camp, outside of class hours or without the supervision of our staff.

 – Each client must follow the instructions and rules of our staff. In the case of not doing so doing irresponsible behaviors, Blackstone surf camp will not accept the responsibility and may take the appropriate measures, such as the expulsion of the group, the non-attendance to the classes, prior warning, and without refund of the payment. 

INSURANCE -Blackstone surf camp has RC insurance and accidents for surfing. For medical assistance due to illness or causes unrelated to surfing during your stay at Blackstone Surf Camp, we recommend each client one of the following options: – Come with a health insurance card. – Hire travel insurance: medical assistance or accident insurance.

 PLACE OF JURISDICTION: SPAIN Los anteriores términos y condiciones se suponen aceptados al realizar el abono del importe del Camp. Blackstone
e-mail: Finca Hoya Grande TF – 47 KM5 38678 Marazul . adeje Santa cruz de Tenerife